Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weeeee'reeeeeeeeee Back!!!

Hello friends, or dare I say, followers?!? (Ben says, "That comes across arrogant." However, I am just so excited right now - people are "following" us!)

It is with regret, that I apologize for not updating our little family blog. I had no idea that people were checking in until I just realized that (not to brag, but I have to brag) THREE people checked the blog yesterday and ONE did today!!! Now I'm excited and am going to go to town updating from now on!!!

I hope that you (the ONE to THREE followers) enjoy the updates! (Ben says, "If you say that, you better be serious about it.") So, I am serious about it!


Piper is walking!!! It took just 16+ months to learn to walk and now she's the cutest little staggerer ever! She's pretty fast, looks downward and is always on a mission!

Piper is nuts about songs about birds and about Christmas! Her grandma, "Oma", makes CD's about birds and Santa and we have them running all of the time! Piper will tell you, "Christmas songs do NOT get old!"

Ben and I are in love. We celebrated our 5th anniversary December. That boy gets better with age! KEEPER!

Piper tends to place her dainty little fingers down the back of her pants (actually diaper) or in her nose. She makes it look cute!!!

The apron and tie was too much for me, so I am no longer waitressing! Thank goodness! :) I'm now working for some good friends and am going to be selling something you can't even see. More to come on that, so stay tuned!

Blue, our naughty little Blue Heeler, is the best! We love our dog and other than his struggles with drive-thru's, he's a gem. Piper is kind of hard on him, telling EVERY person we come in contact with, "Blue barking" or "NO Blueee", but they really do have each other's back.

Oh boy, you ONE to THREE! Here we come!

Ben, Mickey, Piper and Blue!