Monday, January 31, 2011

All Things Disney

Nothing is more annoying than the person who won't stop talking about their vacation and posts 8 million pics on Facebook (aka ME). 

Seriously though, Disney is magical!  Piper had the week of her life, which means Ben and I did too!

Does it get any cuter? 
She was loving the BBQ at Castaway Cay!

We went on the Disney Magic Western Caribbean Cruise and loved it.  After this picture sampler, I PROMISE I'll never speak of this cruise again!

There were characters everywhere!  The 2nd day Piper saw Mickey Mouse walking the other direction and pouted, "I never get to see Mickey Mouse".  She'd seen him in person 4 times in 2 days.

Even their towels are amazing! 
You could dry off with a sting ray...or a chicken, or a lobster, or a bunny!

Chip and Dale didn't get any tip from me! 
I was expecting them to be wearing pleather pants, a bow tie and body oil. 
Sad face! 
Piper loved the Pirate Party almost as much as I did!  My hand is still shaped in a hook.

Ben met a new girl.  My heart is broken, but who could resist a princess?


The vacation was amazing.  The best part, unquestionably, was spending time with Ben and Piper.  I could have been in a port-a-potty with them for a week and loved it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm in luck!  If a few days into the cruise, the late night buffets meet my waist, I won't need new pants!

The only downside is that it only stretches 5 inches! 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

***This Friday***

The stud below,

with the beautiful bed headed lady below,

who looks even cuter in the following pic,

with the awkward subject below,

are all three going to meet up with

and spend a week on this little boat:

To quote Barat, we are "very excite"!

Has anybody been on a Disney Cruise?  Any suggestions would be helpful!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Who doesn't have a trillion friend with a jerk husband, unhappy with their life, living on a dime, with rotten kids and a job they hate? Always sad.

What's odd is when day after day you wake up and that person's facebook status reads:

Passionate moments with the hubs, brisk 6 mile walk with Lady (aka Wonder Pup), had a blast teaching my super full pilates class, sipped a whey protein shake and enjoyed steel cut oats, homeschooled the the kiddos and got dinner in the crock pot all BEFORE leaving to work by 8! Life.Is.Good!

You I can't help but get jealous, as you I typically start my day by stepping in dog poop on my way downstairs to microwave my bean and cheese burrito in my messy kitchen.

How about the person who only communicates 2 ways - behind your back or super sweetly on your wall? Always pleasant!

I could give so many specific examples, but I don't want my friends to unfriend me or it won't look like I have almost 450 friends.** I'm going to start incorporating that I have 450 friends in my daily conversations.

The other day my friend brought up a great question. Is there a name for people who have a different personality online than they do elsewhere?
Think of the money you could make by becoming a Socialmedia-ologist and marketing just to your friend list?

What I have to realize is that people shouldn't focus on the negative and air their dirty laundry on Facebook. I know I don't.

**With 450 friends, how could I not have plans tomorrow night?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I've got to update soon!  Although I'm writing now, it's not an update.  It's just writing.

Here's why I'm not updating lately...I started reading the most hilarious blog ever and couldn't compete!

It's a FAKE mom blog!  It's a total spoof (everything about it) and makes me laugh out loud.  Seriously, I read the blog and I lol and even rofl and then I say ha ha and then I again lol!  IDRTLTATSWAJBAATB (I Don't Really Think Like That And That Sentence Was A Joke But Abbreviations Are The Best).

In all seriousness, however, when I read TAMN's blog, I keep thinking I wish I had thought of that.  We moms do sound ridiculous and her blog nails it!

Anyhoo - I'm going to get back into blogging, so expect an update soon!!!

But when expecting an update, don't expect much.  We are a simple family.