Sunday, November 28, 2010


I wanted to create a blog a looong time ago. Because of this, I made a blog. Smart! Since then, I have nothing to say! This had NEVER happened before.

Because I have nothing to say, I just show pictures of my stunning little muffin head (aka Piper) and comment on her perfect little quirks.

I would close the blog down, but I just got a new camera and Ben noted I have been more active on here lately.  So...Can you please give me something to blog about?

PLEASE write a comment with suggestions!
In the meantime, I'll go to my beautiful default.
Piper reminded Ben that the tutu went with her sweat pants and hoodie.  Love!this!girl!

Just tonight, Piper started referring to Ben as "Honey".  I'm glad I don't call him swear words (in front of her). :)

Please help me people!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a wonderful holiday!  Who doesn't love Thanksgiving?

We had two Thanksgiving celebrations yesterday.  First at Ben's uncles and then at my aunts.  Both were perfect with great food and great conversation!  We had a lovely day! 

Piper (with her auntie) chose to sub her black tights with her skeleton leggings and her fancy gold shoes with her favorite sparkly sneakers.  I pick my battles and her attire isn't one of them...for now.  :)

She had to wear her sunglasses to Thanksgiving.  Fashionista!

Ben always wants me to kiss him for the camera...PSYCH or SIKE!
If I had a camera (ours should be coming in the mail any day) I'd snap and post a pic of my puffy, bloody lip.  Piper head bangged my lip, jumping up a stair at my aunts - Ouch!

I hope YOU had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have been blessed as much as we have!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Who's Been Tinkling in the Frog Potty...

Stay tuned...We don't have a camera just yet (we broke our second camera in a year- yuck), but soon YOU will be able to judge who looks the most natural tinkling on our frog potty!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Parenting is humbling!

'Sweet' little Piper covered my mouth and screamed/sobbed "DON'T SING" while I was trying to sing her to sleep tonight.  Oof dah...I passed the baton to Ben who is trying to get her to sleep now at 10:15 PM. 

It's still not going well upstairs, so maybe his voice isn't all that pleasent either.

I know I have a bad voice, but didn't know my two year old daughter was so picky about how "Jesus Loves Me" sounds when she's overtired and being tucked in.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Best of Times and Worst of Times

Ben, Piper and I rented a cabin in Nisswa for a long weekend getaway!  The weather was perfect - better than you'd ever expect from northern Minnesota in August! 

Before our camera broke (ugh), we snapped a few pictures.

Ben and Piper in their sweat suits!

Piper and me in our sweats!

One of us slept through the wine tasting.  Believe me, I stayed awake!

Look at that girl...

Our wonderful weekend was clouded when we found out our perfect cat (who was more like a dog than a cat) passed away. Bubba was just six years old - he had a great (but short) life and blessed our live's immensely.

RIP Bubba.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Growing Up Fast!

Everyone told me that time would fly and Piper would grow up fast - they were all correct!

Piper came to the door with a group of neigbhor kids to trick-or-treat on Sunday.  My little elephant was screeching and squeeling with excitement, while Ben waited for her at the bottom of the stairs.  When it was her turn for me put candy in her purple pumpkin, she squealed and said, "trick-or-treating momma" and then kissed me on the lips! 

She seemed so grown up- other than that she said "trick-or-treating" instead of "trick-or-treat", she gave me a kiss in front of her friends and that she had to wait at the top of our front porch's steps for Ben to carry her down.  If it wasn't for those few things, she seemed so grown up!

My mother-in-law captured my almost 2 and a half year old beauty!