Monday, June 29, 2009

Someone Should Have Told Me...

When you give in to your child's every request, they start expecting to always get things their way.

Case(s) in point:

Piper SCREAMS at the window until you take her outside to either a.) blow bubbles or b.) point at birds in our bird bath. Ben and I take turns blowing bubbles and watching for birds from our patio furniture.

Pipers sleeps in our bed every SINGLE night (since she cries when she wakes up in our crib). We have adjusted.

Piper doesn't like getting dressed. When her dad is in charge she wears nothing but a diaper.

Piper has to have a lemon, orange or lime to keep her happy while we shop so we start every grocery shopping trip in the produce.

It's becoming apparent that Ben and I need to start being the masters in this house, but Piper would rather we didn't.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Mom

That's me on the left. Every pic the hub tried to take of me looked like I was trying too hard, so I decided to try too hard and take the picture myself. I'm Piper's mom - love that title! I'm 26 years old and have been married to Ben for 4.5 years.
Preparing to write about myself made me realize I need to downsize - I drink too much pop (way too much), too much wine (mmmmm), chew too much gum (a few packs per day) and have 3 to 4 more pets than I can handle (2 cats and 2 dogs).
I've got an incredible (quirky) family and love my in laws too. I have a mondane job in Market Research and have a knack for determining feasibility and preparing proposals accordingly (lucky me).

Piper's Dad and my Hubby

This is my husband on your right - Lucky me! He's everything to Piper and me. Our sisters were in the same Korean orphanage and our moms started a Korean playgroup. 10 years later our moms set us up on a date and we were married less than 11 months later.
Piper prefers Ben to absolutely everyone and I am (because I have to be) okay with that. :) She looks at him in adoration and he feels the same way about her. Nothing is more attractive than that.
You'll learn more about this hard working, car obsessed, twitching, incredible husband and dad. He's dynamic. :)

The Star of the Show

To the left you'll see my little Piper Rose - born May 21st, 2008. It's not biased to say she's the cutest little baked bean and guacamole loving, not (even close to) walking, bird watching scooting everywhere quadrupled tooth little daddy's girl. She's fabulous! Fairly mellow and uber thoughtful, with a surprising temper- Piper knows what she wants.