Sunday, November 28, 2010


I wanted to create a blog a looong time ago. Because of this, I made a blog. Smart! Since then, I have nothing to say! This had NEVER happened before.

Because I have nothing to say, I just show pictures of my stunning little muffin head (aka Piper) and comment on her perfect little quirks.

I would close the blog down, but I just got a new camera and Ben noted I have been more active on here lately.  So...Can you please give me something to blog about?

PLEASE write a comment with suggestions!
In the meantime, I'll go to my beautiful default.
Piper reminded Ben that the tutu went with her sweat pants and hoodie.  Love!this!girl!

Just tonight, Piper started referring to Ben as "Honey".  I'm glad I don't call him swear words (in front of her). :)

Please help me people!


  1. Well, you could write about your latest, greatest recipe. How about sharing your spinich, artichoke and feta recipe everyone was asking for on Thanksgiving?!?!?!?!?!

  2. I got so excited by the fact I had a comment! Of course it's from my husband who knew I was looking for suggestions...
    Well, Bennnn in Lakeville, I will have the recipe for the best appetizer recipe tomorrow!!!

  3. How about a post showing off your Christmas decor or Piper's room? Or write Piper a letter that she can read later in life about all the cute things she does?

  4. Great ideas, Melissa! I'll use every single one of them!!! Thanks. I'll start with her room, but I have to clean it first. :)