Thursday, June 17, 2010

One of those days!

Little Piper had a rough day! She was oh so cute, yet quite a sassy girl.

You can see the little princess, on the left, screaming between my legs because our dog, Blue, ate the cheese SHE FED DIRECTLY TO HIM!

It was one of those days where I could not win. Thank goodness she is typically sweet, always cute and the daughter I never could have dreamed I could have because (believe me) it was a trying day.

One of those days where by 6 o'clock Mike's Lemonade was sounding more like a good mixer than a drink itself!

Friday, June 11, 2010

A.) Piper is Two B.) Ben is Looking Good!

Updating is not my forte! Since the last update, things have changed:

1.) Little Piper turned TWO! How did that happen? Each day I think I could not love her more than I already do. Then, each day I love her more! She's everything to Ben and me.

2.) Piper got her hair cut! This beauty could pull off anything, but the very very very very thin layer of REALLY long baby hair was typically styled as a rats nest and looked out of place. Now, Piper's sporting a bob.

3.) I've become less funny. Looking back, the "Weeeee'reeeeeeeeee Back!!!" post was FUNNY! Funnier than this one.

4.) Ben got (EVEN) better looking. I'm going to frame this picture for Father's Day.
Since Ben would never read the blog, I can tell you that and it won't even ruin the surprise.

5.) We have a beautiful new son, Barry. He's a dog. Barry had a rough start to life, so we adopted him at 11 months old. Such a love bug! The carpet and I are getting excited for him to be potty trained. Some day...

6.) Piper is in a big girl bed!!! She spends her first few hours of sleep in that bed every night - 1AM until 4AM. This is our perfect little night owl in her new bed!

7.) This site still has tons of room for improvement. FORMATTING, getting followers, including content and FORMATTING need to be my priority here!