Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a wonderful holiday!  Who doesn't love Thanksgiving?

We had two Thanksgiving celebrations yesterday.  First at Ben's uncles and then at my aunts.  Both were perfect with great food and great conversation!  We had a lovely day! 

Piper (with her auntie) chose to sub her black tights with her skeleton leggings and her fancy gold shoes with her favorite sparkly sneakers.  I pick my battles and her attire isn't one of them...for now.  :)

She had to wear her sunglasses to Thanksgiving.  Fashionista!

Ben always wants me to kiss him for the camera...PSYCH or SIKE!
If I had a camera (ours should be coming in the mail any day) I'd snap and post a pic of my puffy, bloody lip.  Piper head bangged my lip, jumping up a stair at my aunts - Ouch!

I hope YOU had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have been blessed as much as we have!


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