Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Who doesn't have a trillion friend with a jerk husband, unhappy with their life, living on a dime, with rotten kids and a job they hate? Always sad.

What's odd is when day after day you wake up and that person's facebook status reads:

Passionate moments with the hubs, brisk 6 mile walk with Lady (aka Wonder Pup), had a blast teaching my super full pilates class, sipped a whey protein shake and enjoyed steel cut oats, homeschooled the the kiddos and got dinner in the crock pot all BEFORE leaving to work by 8! Life.Is.Good!

You I can't help but get jealous, as you I typically start my day by stepping in dog poop on my way downstairs to microwave my bean and cheese burrito in my messy kitchen.

How about the person who only communicates 2 ways - behind your back or super sweetly on your wall? Always pleasant!

I could give so many specific examples, but I don't want my friends to unfriend me or it won't look like I have almost 450 friends.** I'm going to start incorporating that I have 450 friends in my daily conversations.

The other day my friend brought up a great question. Is there a name for people who have a different personality online than they do elsewhere?
Think of the money you could make by becoming a Socialmedia-ologist and marketing just to your friend list?

What I have to realize is that people shouldn't focus on the negative and air their dirty laundry on Facebook. I know I don't.

**With 450 friends, how could I not have plans tomorrow night?

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