Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wish he thought of putting the flower in his teeth himself!
After dinner, I asked Ben if he could get us a bottle of wine.  He came back about twenty minutes later.  Walking in the door with what looked like a case of Captain Morgan, I was worried he had a bad day.  Who needs a whole case of spiced rum on a Tuesday?  Oh no, what Ben had inside was a case of my favorite Sauvion Blancs and some I hadn't tried.
He is so good!

Of the dozen Sauvion Blancs, eleven of them were from my favorite wine region in New Zealand, Marlborough.  The other was a Yellow Tail, which I love, but only 14% of the grapes are from New Zealand.  Ben said that's for "cheap nights".  I'll take the Yellow Tail, but couldn't take a picture of it because of my reverence for Marlborough. 

Look at the assortment he picked out! 

Can't wait to try them all!  We probably won't get through all of them eleven bottles tonight, seeing it's just the 2 of us.

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