Friday, February 4, 2011

Dorito Lovin'

I've always been attracted to pretty much every single thing about Ben.  He's an easy one to love!

After 6 years of marriage, I realize the more I'm with Ben, the more I love him and find out new things about him to love.

One of my favorite things about Ben, I didn't notice until around year 4 of marriage. 

I'll share:

The manchild starts out eating his Doritos like a civil human being.  Placing between 1 to 3 chips in his mouth, he chews them (crunching slightly too loud, simply because he's enjoying them) at a standard pace.  A few seconds later, Ben will go back for 1 to 3 more, eating them at a standard pace as well.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  And then it gets good...

Looks pretty normal, eh?
Just when I think that boy has had enough chips I realize, oh no, he has NOT had enough!  That point is where the excitement begins.  Ben starts literally whipping Dorito after Dorito after Dorito into his mouth.  It's so fast and so furious you feel like fireworks are going off!

We now call it a "Grand Finale".  He does it every stinking time he has chips. 

Ben even admits this finale wasn't up to par since the chips were basically just crumbs. 
I've gotta get that cute man a fresh bag and get a pic of the finale!

It's charming.  It's endearing.  It's awkward to watch and I LOVE IT!

You all are going to want your significant other to do the same.  :)


  1. this is cutttte :) found you on The Daybook!!!

  2. Love your blog, Ashley! I'm following you. :)