Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mosaicing Mickey?

Loving the look of mosaic pieces, I decided I wanted to try it out myself!
Ben found a tray that we weren't using and we just went to Home Depot to get tile, grout and glue. 
After Ben broke the tiles with a hammer, I glued them in place, let it dry and filled it in with grout!
Now all I have to do is polish up the tiles and apply a thin layer of lacquer, so the unevenness doesn't spill my drinks.
I feel all Mickey Stuartish!  I'd send everybody one, but it would be pricey to mail a 251 pound tray!


  1. Looks pretty good!! My mom is going to do table tops like that with china/tea cups

  2. Cool! I'm hoping to get some at garage sales once it warms up here! Oh, and I love the nickname, Tish!