Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Status Obsession

I'm thinking I need my own Facebook.  Either everyone else could kindly leave Facebook or I need to make Ownbook, where I could constantly post only to myself.

Last time I physically updated my Facebook status was 14 days ago.  The last time I verbally updated my Facebook status was 3 seconds ago. 

I'd say there are probably 4,356 times a day that I say to Ben, Piper, my mom, Katie, my dogs, cat or to anyone around basically, that I want this or that to be my status. 

Why do I hold back? 
  • I don't want to be that person updating Facebook 493 times a day. 
  • I've finally realized people don't find me as funny as I find myself at odd times throughout the day. 
  • It would take too many 'characters' to give the background and reason for each status update.
Anyway, does anyone else constantly come up with status messages in their head?  If you do, (or even if you don't) please write a comment to TELL ME you either do or don't update your Facebook mentally more than physically!

PS - I'd love to hear from you.  All you have to do is press "0 Comments".



  1. OMG you are adorable!! I love reading your stuff:)

  2. I always get sooo disappointed when I post something that think is hilarious and then some lame person will post a lame comment in response. UGH WHY DO I BOTHER! Mickey, people on Facebook just don't understand our brilliance.

  3. They really don't understand, Lyz. Haha!!!