Thursday, February 17, 2011


OH my stinking stars.  As I sit to write this, all of the feelings about what almost happened 4 hours ago come flooding back. 

Just this afternoon Ben and I were going through security at the Chicago airport.  Neither of us got body scanned.  :( 

However, we did spot a uniquely beautiful young girl who looked so familiar.  

Had we seen her on America's Next Top Model?  No.  Was she one of the Real Housewives daughter's?  YES!  Ben was the one that finally figured it was probably Danielle Staub's daughter, Christine.

I was pumped.  Pumped doesn't even describe it.  I'd say I was nearly as excited as I get when I'm driving 20 minutes from my house and see someone I know on the road in a car next to me.  I FREAK! 

Just getting through security, I speedily/rapidly/frantically put my shoes back on, get my purse and carry-on and have my camera up on my phone READY to snap her. 

You'd assume Ben would be on the same mission, right?  Nope.  He was still calmly getting his belongings. 

We were too late.  I had to stand waiting and watching who I think is Christine Staub walk down Gate K.  I couldn't catch up.

Ben almost got dumped.

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  1. How in the world did he figure that one out. I swear the only celebrity Dave can spot is Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver).